About Vision Matters 

Our Mission

The mission of Vision Matters is to provide quality service with a gentle touch so that our clients can make clear and informed decisions about the tools that will make a life-changing impact concerning their vision.  We make this easy by visiting clients in their home where they are most comfortable and can work with devices in the setting in which they will actually be used.   

Our Owner

low vision dennis foster

Vision Matters owner, Dennis Foster, loves to fish in his spare time!

Dennis Foster loves meeting and helping the broad array of people he comes in contact with in this work. But the best part is educating people on the technology that is available and the huge difference his products make in the lives of his clients.  He is always glad to educate visually- impaired persons as well as their families and even caretakers as to the surprising range of options that now exist to augment limited vision, doing so in a way that’s non-intrusive.  He believes in telling people the truth about what he can and cannot do to help them, and has many grateful clients as a result.

Mr. Foster has a BTEE degree from the University of Dayton in Ohio and high-tech sales experience with Hewlett-Packard (12 years), as well as with Visionary Design Systems (12 years) prior to entry into the field of low vision with Vision Matters in 2002.  He took ownership of Vision Matters in March 2007.

Our Future

We plan to continue to offer top-quality services and products helping the visually impaired in Washington, Idaho, and Montana.

The future of tools for helping the visually challenged is truly amazing. New advances are coming out every year. At Vision Matters, we are dedicated to staying on top of new technology as it is released, so that we can best serve our clients by helping them to find the best adaptive technology products to meet their needs.