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Phone: 253-447-8255

Who We Are

A Northwest company, we are headquartered in the Seattle area, but also have representatives in Idaho and Montana. We provide the latest technology designed to help people living with low vision, blindness or other conditions.

Our Mission

The mission of Vision Matters is to provide quality service with a gentle touch so that our clients can make clear and informed decisions about the tools that will make a life-changing impact concerning their vision. We make this easy by visiting clients in their home where they are most comfortable, and can work with devices in the setting in which they will actually be used.

We Come to You

Vision Matters helps people living with low vision by demonstrating a wide variety of video magnifier options. They are primarily shown during a no-obligation, in-home visit. Many clients are referred by their doctor, as we have worked closely with eye clinics all across the Northwest for over 20 years.

Give us a call to see how our products can dramatically improve the functionality and quality of your life.