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Envision Glasses are a wearable assistive device that allows users to independently access the world around them in a way that is convenient, handsfree, and discreet. Envision Glasses make everyday life more accessible for those with visual impairments by using Envision’s award-winning AI-technology to turn visual information into speech.


Key Features

Turn text into speech

The Envision Glasses enable you to read and export all kinds of text from any surface in over 60 languages. It uses fast and accurate Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to read official documents, letters, street signs, handwritten cards, magazines, books and more. To read it later, export text to have it saved offline in your personal Envision Library.

Conquer any situation with video calling

In a situation where you would prefer a person to assist you, you can also initiate a hands-free video call to someone you know straight from the Envision Glasses. Request friends, family, and colleagues to see what is in front of you through the camera on the Envision Glasses with the free Envision Ally app.

Find objects and recognize people

Looking for your keys, coffee cup, or the nearest trash bin? Need to identify your friend in a café or your colleagues at work? Scan your surroundings with the Envision Glasses to have the device find what you are looking for.

Know what is around you

The Envision Glasses can describe scenes, identify colors, detect the amount of light, and even recognise cash. Find the right items in your closet, go grocery shopping, and explore new places on your own.

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